Success Case

Sumtel Indoor antenna

Total number of the antennas provided is about 20,000 sets within a year, that obviously show performance and advantages of the antennas.

Sumtel Outdoor small cell antenna.

Customer Reference

Success Story

2010-2012 :
Sumtel was selected by Thailand operatirs to supply POI (Point to Interconnect) for Indoor site sharing
2011 :
Sumtel Omni Indoor antenna was approved by Thailand operators to supply for indoor site sharing
2011-2012 :
Sumtel was awarded by AIS to supply Amps Rejection Filter to improve WCDNA900 quality of service

2011-2012 :
Sumtel was awarded by DTAC to supply WCDMA2100 outdoor antenna with hight upper sidelode suppressio
2012 :
Sumtel was approved by AIS to supply Hight Gain Omni indoor antenna and MIMO indor antenna