Service & Repair

Multi-Vendor Repair Service Center

Innova Telecommunication is the one stop repair service center for your multi-vendor network maintenance needs including repair and test. Our comprehensive services allow our customers to have one stop service for all of their repair by delivering multi-vendor, multi-system repair used network wide.

INNOVA Repair Operation

  • Rapid, low cost, high quality repair center
  • Direct repair center for customers including order fulfillment
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Operating 6 days a week
  • Available and expandable repair capacity
  • Technical expertise (A vast array of RF product knowledge covering a wide range of product types)

INNOVA Repair Operation Performance

Main Repairing Service

Our Repairing Service

Mobile Base Station Equipment

  • Transceiver module
  • RF Combiner module
  • BTS Controller module
  • Repeater
  • MCPA , Booster
  • TMA, PDU, Bias-T
  • Antenna
  • RRU

Transmission Equipment

  • Microwave ODU & IDU
  • Electronic Switching System
  • Local Phone Service
  • Loop
  • Modem
  • Switch
  • PowerBridge M5

Power Supply

  • Rectifier Module
  • Power Supply Card

Repair Products

RF Lab & Facility

Test Equipments

  1. Network Analyzers [30kHz-3GHz]
  2. BGA Rework Station Welding Machine
  3. Passive Intermodulation Analyzer 900,1800,2100
  4. Digital Oscilloscope
  5. Signal Generator [250KHz – 3GHz]
  6. Spectrum Analyzer [9kHz – 20GHz]
  7. Digital Oscilloscope
  8. Power Meter 150W [600MHz – 20GHz]
  9. DC Power Supply 80V/60A
  10. Other

Repair Process Flow

INNOVA Repair Operation Focus

Our Customer