Feeder ,Connector and Jumper

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Feeder, Connector and Jumper

Type SizeModel NumberRemark
Super‐Flexible Feeder1/2" Super‐flexibleST‐SFF‐50‐9
ST‐SFF‐50‐9‐FRFire Retardant Jacket
7/8" Super‐flexibleST‐SFF‐50‐22
ST‐SFF‐50‐22‐FRFire Retardant Jacket
Low Loss Feeder1/2"ST‐LLF‐50‐12
ST‐LLF‐50‐12‐FRFire Retardant Jacket
ST‐LLF‐50‐22‐FRFire Retardant Jacket
1 1/4"ST‐LLF‐50‐32
ST‐LLF‐50‐32‐FRFire Retardant Jacket
1 5/8"ST‐LLF‐50‐43
ST‐LLF‐50‐43‐FRFire Retardant Jacket
Connector Model Matching*Available on request
Jumper1/2" Super‐flexible

*Other combination of both sides of connector are also available as customer requirement.